At PURAS, we are constantly working towards becoming leaner, greener and cleaner when it comes to the environment. Here are some ways in which we’re striving to be more conscious and responsible.

The Glass is Greener

We don’t use plastic bottles for our essential oil products. This is because the active ingredients in our products may leech onto the plastic, causing chemical reactions that may produce hazardous material that runs the risk of being absorbed into your skin, and into your bodies. Besides, doesn’t glass give everything a touch of class?

The Right Package

We understand that unnecessary packaging leads to unnecessary waste, so as far as possible, we strive to use packaging that leaves less of an impact on the environment. This includes using eco-friendly paper boxes, recyclable glass packaging, reusable canvas bags and more – all initial steps in our journey towards becoming truly sustainable.


Our core philosophy of being non-toxic and non-carcinogenic is part of our commitment to ensure no toxic chemicals make their way into waterways, rivers and oceans, or into our soil. This extends beyond just our ingredients, and includes every aspect of our business.

Puras Recycle Bottles

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