Essential oils are highly-concentrated extracts of some of Nature’s most treasured ingredients, and are exceptionally potent medicines. And just like any medicine, they can lead to extraordinary results, but only when used in wise and mindful ways. Find out how to stay safe while making the most of your preferred oils.


Due to the highly-concentrated nature of PURAS Essential Oils, be sure to only use them as directed in order to minimise risk of irritation or allergies. All pure essential oils should be diluted unless otherwise recommended in the usage instructions, and we recommend discontinuing use should you begin feeling any adverse effects. Additionally, while a handful of properly diluted oils are safe for use around children above the age of 5, please do keep your pure essential oils out of reach to ensure their safety.


Proper dilution of your chosen essential oil helps improve its efficacy and benefits. 

Choose from our range of perfectly-balanced carrier oils and follow the guidelines below for effective dilution.

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